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In 2014, Lydia Allen took her first cake decorating class with her mother Maria. As Lydia slowly grew to love this hobby, she taught herself everything she wanted to know. When her passion grew strong, she decided to start selling her cakes. As the months went on, the hobby became a business. That’s when Sugar & Slice Bakery was started in late 2014. Lydia was only 15 at the time of her first cake sale!


With Lydia still being a full time junior, she could not handle it all on her own. In February of 2015, Maria started helping out. She became the half time baker and frosting maker, the grocery shopper and clean-up crew. As the business grew bigger than it had ever been, all hands were on deck to make the dream a reality. When 2016 started, the goals and aspirations got bigger than ever. Turning 18, graduating school and receiving a home bakery business license, Lydia noticed everything becoming more real!

In August 2019, Lydia signed her lease at 519 South Main Street on Historic Main Street St. Charles. 2 months was spent planning, renovating and creating a beautiful storefront! During this time, Lydia was the general contractor figuring out how to make this mess turn into a bakery all while hiring a staff and baking orders.

On November 8th 2019, Sugar & Slice Bakery on Main opened with the help of so many friends and family! Sugar & Slice cannot wait to see what the future brings us! 

Meet Lydia 


Phillip "Papa" Allen

in loving memory of

My Papa was an inspiration to my bakery name, a motivator to success and a man who taught me how to make money. He was wise and stubborn to everyone he met and would never let a person forget him. My Papa was my Nanny's 'Sweetie Pie' from the day they met and will be mine forever. Let my bakery live on in your name Papa.

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