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How soon should I request a custom order? As soon as possible! We tend to book out two-three months ahead so the sooner you request a quote the better!


How does payment go after we discuss the quote and flavors? To fully book and secure your date, we need a 50% down payment for all orders over $75 or a full down payment for all orders under $75. Filling out a quote form does not fully secure your pick up date/order. Once we are done discussing, we will send over an invoice and you pay with either cash, card or check!

I had to cancel/reschedule my event due to COVID, how do I get a refund? As usual, there is a 50% down deposit made for all orders that are over $75. By booking with us, you understand there is a risk of cancelling your order due to Covid and that we are not responsible for a refund. If your event has to be cancelled due to Covid, we can offer a 25% credit of the down deposit for the same order for a different date. The other 25% of the down deposit is unfortunately non-refundable. 

How do I store my cake once I pick it up? It is best to keep the cake in your fridge, covered and then taking it out a couple hours before you serve!

I sent a request form yesterday and still haven't heard back. When will I get a response? Our usual response time is 3-5 days. We do get lots of emails for different things and it take some time for our event coordinator to sort through them but we promise we will get back to you as quickly as we can! 

I sent a facebook/instagram message to place a custom order but haven't heard back. Unfortunately, we do not take custom orders through our social medias. Since we get so many different types of messages and replies on our social medias, it's hard to keep track of orders that way so it's best to fill out our request form so we can properly assist you!

I don't have any picture inspirations or direction on the theme of my custom order. Do you have any picture examples of custom orders you'd done? With so many different online examples, we totally understand that it's hard to pinpoint what you want your design to be! We do have a look book on our website of our past custom orders and you can select from there if you'd like us to recreate it for you!

Can I get gluten-free products? Yes! We do offer some flavors in cakes & cupcakes to be gluten-free for you! We do always tell everyone though that we are not an allergen friendly bakery so there is a risk of cross-contamination! 

Can I get a custom order during Holidays? This will depend! For a majority of the holidays we do pre-orders and depending on how busy we are with pre-orders, we may or may not be able to do custom orders for you. 

I want a specific flavor for a custom order but not sure if you can make it. Can you? We can definitely try! We love trying new things so definitely don't be afraid to ask!

I need to change the date of my pick up, can I? This will depend! If you're changing to a day that we have open availability, we can definitely change your pick up date! If it's a day we don't have availability, we can work with you to choose a different day.

Do you guys deliver? As of right now, we occasionally can if we have enough staff for that day. You can always call and ask but we can't always guarantee we can!

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